The Consultant (Assessment)

assessment_quadrantsAs an organizational consultant, you must carefully uncover clues that can tell you how to prepare, plan, and recommend approaches for an upcoming meeting or project. A variety of tools exist to help you do this including: face to face “pre-meetings” (planning meetings) with a leader and the group, electronic surveys, written surveys, and review of previous work by the group or organization (e.g. reviewing a current strategic plan).

Knowledge drawn from the perspective of the four quadrants will give you a comprehensive background to best serve your group’s needs, especially given the fact that the project sponsor most likely made diagnoses about their group that are incomplete or incorrect.

The Consultant Competencies

  • Assess and share my biases and conflicts of interest with client.
  • Collaborate with client to build an integral project plan.
  • Assess personality, behavioral styles, and organizational development.
  • Solicit evaluation and make adjustments.
  • Follow-up to maintain momentum and continuity between group engagements.