Relational Facilitator

Groups form their own cultures over time, made of up beliefs, needs, values, norms, and worldviews groups hold to be important.

Group Awareness archetypes help facilitators navigate, understand, and facilitate healthy group cultures that translate into collaborative and productive behaviors.


Cultivating Collaborative Cultures

The following actions by the leaders will help to facilitate a culture of collaborative relationships within a group.

  • Decrease facilitator interventions as the group matures, culminating in nearly complete withdrawal from the group while maintaining conscious energetic support.
  • Encourage participants tools to be present in the moment and to cultivate their awareness around what’s happening within the group at multiple levels.
  • Trusting in the intelligence of life gives life the space of operate. Any issue in the life of an individual or group will find its own best resolution if those involved express their experience and provide the space and time for the solution to unfold. Any efforts to force, cajole, or manipulate what is, impede the natural flow of life.

We Teach Participants to

  • Share and make requests to meet their personal interests, desires, and needs.
  • Offer each other honest and respectful feedback.
  • Understand that no one reaches true community on their own. They reach out to participants to whom they feel less of a connection and seek to bridge divides.
  • Know that simply expressing their simple truth to the best of their ability is curative. Expressing our relative truth allows the wisdom of life to unfold as needed, when needed. We must be willing to jettison the idea of political correctness in service to our personal version of truth, however it looks. If something sounds complicated or doesn’t make sense, it’s most likely a head trip and not really true. How a process unfolds can be extremely complex but always elegant and beyond the mind’s ability to anticipate or significantly influence.
  • Understand that presence facilitates flow. The inner space occupied by each participant influences “the field” of the group. Noise in any mind adds noise to the field. Quiet minds clear the field. A clear field makes what’s next self-evident and facilitates the flow of the group’s work.

Archetypal Skills

The Friend: Generative Listening; Relate and Build Trust
The Investigator: Inquiry
The Muse: Understanding; Reveal Interests
The Empath: Forebearance
The Shaman: Set