• Integral facilitation consulting model
  • Today's challenges are increasingly complex
  • Facilitation and collaboration are the technologies of choice for solving complex problems
  • Facilitation is the act of helping groups accomplish a goal as easy as possible
  • Collaboration is a deep and collective synthesis of perspectives
  • Collaborative solutions go beyond an individual vision
  • Collaboration requires facilitative attitudes and ways of being
  • View of complex problems is often fragmented
  • Interviews with expert facilitators
  • facilitation ebooks, tools, and resources
  • Facilitation webinars and teleclasses
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Patternus Interruptus

Groups and individuals tend to follow habitual patterns of behavior that for zones of comfort over time. Therefore, there are times when it’s appropriate to resist the groups momentum or inertia, to stop and look at the bigger picture, the “gestalt” of the group dynamic. As a facilitator, be on guard for patterns of behavior […]


Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

As it turns out, “The Imposter Syndrome” is a common affliction among successful people such as doctors, lawyers, actors, teachers, politicians; and yes, even facilitators, trainers, group leaders, and their participants. Imposter syndrome is defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of evidence to the contrary. It is experienced […]


Ban Status Reporting Meetings

Upon returning from a government meeting, a friend related to me a very grim scenario that I know happens everyday all over the world. Twenty people were invited from around the country to attend a two-day meeting intended to foster understanding and cooperation between organizations. The collective cost for this venture was around $30,000. The […]


Body Talk

Your participant’s body language never lies and can tell you a lot if you know what to look for. Of course, as facilitators, we know better than to assume anything. So as you become adept at reading body language, be careful not to use this information to fuel your assumptions. Consequently, our first tip is […]


Awakening Service as a Facilitator

Preparing yourself to do this work before it happens however, can be overlooked in light of all that goes into preparing content and processes. Spending just a few minutes prior to going into a group to clarify your intent,  motivations, and how you’ll deal internally with what comes up can truly transform your experience in a […]


Care and Feeding of the Master Facilitator

Facilitation is a demanding role that can take its toll on you if you are not prepared at all levels. A master facilitator must have fine-tuned awareness and intuition to sense and act on the nuances of group process. She must stand tall in the face of conflict, willing to walk participants through to its […]