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Facilitating Project Planning

What is Planning? Planning is setting the direction for something — some system — and then working to ensure the system follows that direction. Systems have inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes defined as follows: Inputs to the system include resources such as raw materials, money, technologies and people. A Process is employed on these inputs […]


Be a Model of Truth Telling

We don’t mean to deceive ourselves but we’re all so accustomed to doing so with others that it can become an unconscious reflex. Embellishing or withholding our whole truth becomes a habit. This habit is reinforced socially (as in “I’m just trying to be nice”), politically (as in “politically correct”), and personally (as in “I’m […]


Operating from Center as a Facilitator

We are all basically ordinary. None of us has more than one brain, is free of the need to take time to eat and breathe, or goes through life without any conflicts. Einstein flunked math, the Wright Brothers were simple bicycle mechanics, and Mark Twain never took a high school English Course. What is extraordinary […]


Getting Grounded With Ground Rules

What are Ground Rules? Ground Rules, also referred to as Operating Norms or Operating Agreements (we’ll use this latter term from now on), form the boundary of a group’s process container. In a world where many of our ways of communicating are habitually dysfunctional, creating, committing to, and following good operating agreements is a huge […]

meeting preparation

Prepare More, Meet Less

A smooth running meeting takes a bit of preparation…something most meeting leaders and attendees don’t do. Hence meetings drag on longer than they should, and tend to be less than phenomenal. Those leaders who do come prepared pave the way for productive, sometimes inspiring meetings, offer a great service to those in attendance. Those attendees […]


Modularize Your Workshops

People learn and digest information best when it’s delivered in “bite-sized” chunks over relatively short periods of time. Dividing lengthy trainings and workshops into modules of one hour or so in length facilitates both the learning achieved by your participants, but also the design of the workshop itself. Refer to the following tips when modularization […]