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Facilitate Yourself First

I believe that the most important person you need to facilitate to be the most effective is…yourself. Self-Facilitation is a necessary skill requiring you to practice conscious and mindful action in each and every moment, which is made all the more challenging in the presence of a dynamic, sometimes dysfunctional group, expecting you to lead them! A lot […]


Find a Mirror

I was once invited to deliver a half-day basic facilitation workshop for a group of program managers within a large corporation. My sponsor, also the group leader, was a big fan of facilitation and his primary goal for the session was to increase his team’s interest in the subject. To tailor the training, I had […]


Groups Are Annoying

I find it ironic sometimes that while I strongly believe in the importance of facilitation and very much enjoy doing it, there are certain elements of being a member of a group that I dislike. In fact, I’m anything but a joiner. I tend to move away from any long term involvement with groups. Why […]


Is Thinking Overrated?

Most facilitators spend a good deal of time thinking through and designing processes that we hope will be effective for our customer’s unique needs. This is simply good and responsible planning. But how many times have you felt uneasy about being prepared enough, or found that you had to significantly deviate from your plan? I […]


Do You Resist Change or Being Changed?

Because of my work as a consultant, trainer and coach I deal with change and people’s reactions to it all the time. When a Client decides to work with us, they are recognizing that some sort of change is needed. After all, if they want more effective teams, better Customer Service, higher creativity, more effective […]


Queasy about Conflict?

Why are we so nervous about conflict in the groups we facilitate? It is the anger, emotion and personal attacks in conflict that make us uncomfortable and that are debilitating to groups. Conflict is a normal, natural part of human interaction and sooner or later it is part of virtually every group’s experience. When acknowledged […]