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Polish or Deflate the Elephant?

In this week’s article we include a description of a challenge sent in by one of our readers along with my response. While this particular issue is around conflict in the workplace, the framing of question speaks to the opportunity we have as facilitators to invite groups to refine any unhealthy or unproductive process that […]


Revisit Your Roots

As life long learners, our field can get pretty complicated with all the models, strategies, philosophies, and approaches within which we tend to immerse ourselves. Considering this, it’s probably a good idea once in awhile to reflect on those core attitudes, skills, and perspectives that form the foundation of all the strategies and interventions we […]


Ten Steps to Facilitating Major Life Changes

Much of what we do as group leaders is help our clients make some kind of change. Whether we’re talking about a change to a huge system or a change in a single persons life, the things that stand in the way of change are similar if not the same. The following ten steps will […]



A personal coach I once had would always begin our sessions coaxing me into celebrating something for the week gone by. Now I’m not one to easily celebrate anything and I often struggle to find something that I think is worthy of celebration. But I’ve since learned that celebrating is simply a matter of choice. […]


Core Values of the Integral Facilitator

I view Self-Awareness as foundational to effective group leadership. As I review the primary drivers for facilitators—their core values—I’ve been exploring some kind of framework upon which these values might arise. To do this, I begin with the basic premise that were are all here now with a most precious faculty, that is Awareness itself. […]


Dialogical Listening and Group Development

If we take a thoughtful look under the surface of affairs today at the global, regional, even personal scale, we see that what we once viewed as isolated problems with black and white solutions are actually interconnected webs of cause and effect. We’re beginning to see that old problems are more complex than we thought, […]